Management consultants for the legal profession

LEGALTEAM Solutions was created by Philippe Melot and Sharon Golec in 2009. Philippe and Sharon combined their long professional experiences as lawyers in private practice, as in-house lawyers, General Counsel and consultants, as well as their experience in professional associations (AFJE, Cercle Montesquieu) and as university lecturers of legal management (HEC, SciencesPo, EM Lyon). Sharon Golec has continued LEGALTEAMís activity since 2019.

A member of the New York Bar, Sharon Golec holds dual American and French nationality. She earned a JD from the New York University School of Law, as well as a Masterís degree in French corporate law from the University of Paris 2. She practiced in corporate law firms in New York and Paris before joining Microsoft Corp. as a corporate lawyer in its French subsidiary as well as at Microsoftís EMEA headquarters.