Legal recruitment

The majority of our missions focus on the search for experienced lawyers (+ five years of experience) with international profiles. Our clients represent a variety of sectors: industry, distribution, banking, agribusiness, transportation, publishing, public sector, law firms.

Our added value derives from our extensive knowledge of legal specializations, the legal market and the legal function (job content, organizations and environments, expectations of internal and external clients) and from our network, which is constantly enriched.


A successful recruitment requires expertise as well as a rigorous methodology:

Defining the post

This crucial phase determines the success of the mission. With the client, we analyze the strategic importance of the recruitment, the environment of the position and the composition of the existing team. We then define in detail the desired profile: technical and managerial expertise, foreign languages, personality... while advising on the legal market.

Candidate identification

The methods used to identify candidates (job postings, direct approach, networks...) are adapted according to the type of position. For most of our missions, we use a « mixed » approach; i.e., both job postings on specialized internet sites and direct approach.

Candidate evaluation

We interview the candidates who could correspond to our client's specifications. During the interview, we evaluate the quality and the coherence of their career path: significant events; career progression; professional environments in which the candidate is at ease; matters handled; technical areas mastered or to be developed... as well as personality and level of spoken and written English.

Candidate presentation

For each candidate presented to the client, we analyze the career path, the type and level of technical, managerial and linguistic expertise, as well as the personality profile.

During this phase, we accompany our client in its assessment of each candidate's motivation for the post and his or her capacity to fit in with the existing team. We can also assist clients during negotiation with the selected candidate.

We check professional references of the finalist(s) and respect strict ethical rules in this respect.

Integration of the successful candidate

During the trial period, we speak regularly with the candidate and with the client in order to facilitate the candidate's successful integration in the organization.