Consulting firm specialized in the legal profession

LEGALTEAM Solutions is a consulting firm focused on the business of the legal profession. Our clients are in-house legal departments and lawyers in private practice. We have three activities :

These activities are complementary: our in-depth understanding of how legal departments and law firms function facilitates the recruitment of candidates who are perfectly suited to the requirements of our clients; conversely, regular contacts with candidates provide an understanding of their professional aspirations, which allows us to better advise our clients.

Sharon Golec has extensive experience as a practicing lawyer, both in law firms and as an in-house counsel. She possesses in-depth understanding of the business of law, as practiced by her clients.

Completely bilingual and bicultural (she is Franco-American), she follows legal market trends and developments in the U.S., in Great Britain and throughout Europe, as well as in France, and works in both English and French.