Professional assessment

Whether the lawyer wishes to remain in his current company or firm or focus on a new challenge, it is useful to take a step back and analyze one’ strengths, areas for improvement and perspectives, while being accompanied by an expert on the legal market.

  • The in-house lawyer or lawyer in private practice questions his or her professional goals: does he prefer to manage people or projects, or to be a highly-specialized expert without a management role? Does she want to change her area of practice, her sector or her function? A professional assessment will help each lawyer to define his or her professional project and develop a personalized “business plan.”
  • The lawyer intends to leave his company or law firm: how should he best position himself in a complex legal job market? By defining his “competitive advantages” and his specific positioning on the market, he will make his job search as efficient as possible and increase his chances of profiting from this change to boost his career.

Our concrete, practical approach to professional assessment is based on seven two-hour sessions, resulting in a document summarizing the lawyer’ main motivations, his or her targeted professional project, the skills that can be immediately mobilized and a detailed action plan.

Our dual expertise in recruiting and consulting gives us a 360° view of the legal market. We help lawyers to develop a job search strategy that is realistic and adapted to the market, as well as to their professional objectives.